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Spring Flowers And Mole Hills Reepham

Spring Pest Watch 2019

As Spring approaches, different pests can become a problem for homes and businesses. Here are some to look out for:

Cluster Flies are becoming more common in new housing estates built on farm-land. They overwinter in roof and loft spaces and are attracted to the warmth of downstairs rooms. They return every Autumn unless their number are greatly reduced and controlled.

Carpet and clothes moths larvae, damage carpets and furnishing made of natural fibres by eating them. You may notice that carpets have threadbare patches at the edges or under furniture. They can enter houses in the Spring.

Grey Squirrels are omnivores. As well as eating seeds, nuts, berries and fungi they also like to eat wild bird eggs and small animals including wild bird chicks. They will compete with birds on bird feeders in your garden. They can enter loft spaces. Their innate need to chew, like rats, causes a risk of fire if they chew through electrical wires.

Rats can seek harbour in houses and gardens. They carry leptospirosis or Weil’s disease in their urine, which can be fatal to humans. They are responsible for causing 25% of house fires each year due to their ability to chew through electrical wires. They can even chew through metal!

Moles are most active in Spring when breeding and the young leave the nest to find their own territory. They can be a destructive influence for your lawns and garden, creating underground tunnels to trap their preferred diet of earthworms.

If you need any advice on wildlife management for your property or business, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07876 14 11 53/01603 25 99 45 or email

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