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Wild Rabbit control

Lady Mole Catcher is also qualified to control wild rabbits and uses traditional methods, occasionally it might be necessary to use Aluminium Phosphide and Phostoxin.

About Wild Rabbits

Wild Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) were brought to England from Spain and France by the Normans in the 12th century. Originally kept in captivity as a source of food and fur, many escaped and their increasing numbers meant that farming them wasn’t an option. Famously fast breeders, the diet of the wild rabbit consists of most vegetable matter and as their natural predators were frequently hunted by man, they were quickly able to thrive. In the 1950s, the disease myxomatosis was introduced to curb the rabbit population but they have since developed immunity to the virus and are once again a common sight across the British countryside.

How do you know if you have Wild Rabbits on your land?

If you are a farmer or small land owner, you will know you have rabbits due to the damage they cause to ground level vegetation. Rabbits will eat seedlings and graze on young trees as well as stripping bark from older trees up to half a metre from the ground. You know when a rabbit has chewed plants and stems as they leave a sharply-angled cut made by their characteristic incisors. You may see rabbits grazing or they will leave evidence of their presence with a series of coarse, circular faecal “pellets”. Rabbits create networks of tunnels (a warren) for sheltering during the day as they mainly come out to feed at night or very early morning.

Why control Wild Rabbits?

There are a few issues to consider if you discover Wild Rabbits:

  • Rabbits can be a serious pest for farmers by eating and damaging crops
  • The rabbit pre-breeding season population is estimated to be 40 million
  • Rabbits become sexually mature after just four months and breed rapidly
  • Wild rabbits are responsible for losses estimated in excess of £100m annually to agricultural and horticultural crops, golf courses and young trees
  • With the exception of London, the Isles of Scilly and Skokholm Island you are legally responsible for destroying wild rabbits on your land or taking steps to prevent them from causing damage (Pests Act 1954).
Louise Lady Mole Catcher

Louise Chapman BA (Hons) PGCE
Norfolk’s very own Lady Mole Catcher®

Who I work with

  • Householders in their gardens
  • Farmers and Land Agents
  • Outdoor Leisure Facilities
  • Businesses
  • Restaurants and Pubs
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Local Authorities

If Wild Rabbits are causing problems in your area, get in touch with Louise to arrange for a site survey or consultation. Call 01603 25 99 45 or 07876 14 11 53 or email

Louise was very prompt and efficient. We had a serious rabbit problem which she has brought under control. She explained what was needed, carried out the work and returned as promised to complete what was started. We would definitely recommend Louise to anyone.

Richard Walton, Swardeston

Rabbits, not moles, were my problem. Lots of them and notice the past tense. Over the years I had tried my methods and different individuals to cure my rabbit problem without luck. My garden over the past two years was devoured by rabbits. Along came Louise and within three weeks the rabbits were gone. Her approach was multifaceted. She arrived when she said she would, kept me informed of progress while I was away by video and persisted until I could confirm there were no more sightings of rabbits. I would recommend her services.

Lynne Gomer, Shotesham
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