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RBL And Huskies

Louise’s New Challenge: Arctic Survival Event to support the Royal British Legion, 28 Feb – 7 March 2021

Norfolk’s very own Lady Mole Catcher, Louise Chapman, has signed up to take part in a once in a lifetime experience, set in the stunning wilderness of Northern Sweden, just 150km south of the Arctic Circle.

The Experience:

Louise will learn life-saving skills to adapt and live in the harsh Arctic environment while raising money for The Royal British Legion. The eight-day challenge will present a test of survival in one of the harshest environments on the planet, as well as a unique experience under the Arctic stars. Louise is also looking forward to the thrill of husky driving, snowmobiling, ice fishing, fire lighting and snow hole building!

The Challenge:

In order to qualify for the event, Louise will need to raise a minimum of £2500 by December 2020. She says: “The Royal British Legion offer lifelong support to those who need help and I am keen to take on this challenge to do my part in supporting their work. In case you are not familiar with the variety of work that The Royal British Legion undertake, it’s surprisingly varied but most importantly they care for the whole family of those affected by the impact of service life. They help to ensure the highest quality of care for those suffering physical and mental issues and help families that need time to reconnect. Your donation will mean the legion can ensure the best quality rehabilitation and support for all.”

How you can help:

If you are able to donate, please visit Louise’s Just Giving page, which is an easy and efficient way to raise funds for this worthy cause. Your generosity and support will encourage Louise to train hard and work hard in order to complete the Arctic Survival Challenge and to raise money for veterans, service men, women and their families.

Thank you!

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